“My family has been coming to Eye Specialties for approximately 5 years. The providers are great and work with the patients in determining which prescription would suit them best, whether it’s single vision glasses, bifocals, progressive lenses or even contacts. They then hand you off to a couple of ladies in the optical department to measure and help you choose your frames and lenses. Not enough good things could be said about Teri and Debbie. They both take the time to go over your insurance coverage with you and make sure you get the glasses that best suit your needs.  Fantastic from start to finish!!!!”

R. C.

“I give Dr. Edelman and his team 5 stars*****.

I came as a patient in 2008 and Dr. Edelman treated my eye which had a complication due to surgery by another ophthalmologist.  Dr. Edelman surgically treated my eye in the best way possible and I am extremely satisfied.  I just wish that I came to him to begin with. He is very passionate about what he does, and he actually cares about his patients and spends time evaluating their concerns and problems.  And then finds the right treatment.  For sure, to Dr. Edelman, his patients are not a quick 10 minute appointment, but they are people for whom he truly cares, and he takes pride in taking care of them. I have other family members who are seen by him as well, and they share similar sentiments. Eye Specialties’ office staff and the other doctors truly make a super team. Thanks Dr. Edelman and team for making my windows to the world brighter.”

S. S.

“Dr. Edelman is an inspirational physician that practices medicine for all the right reasons! He always takes as much time that is absolutely warranted to provide the best quality of care possible for each of his patients. My ninety-five year old uncle and eighty-five year old aunty have been seeing him for many years. My uncle had a procedure … to correct excessive skin of the eyelids that sags and can block your range of visual field. Dr. Edelman performed the procedure. He came in over the weekend just to make sure everything was going okay and to give an added reassurance to my uncle. Recently, my aunt had a procedure to stabilize her eye pressure with Dr. Edelman. From explaining the procedure, making sure my aunt was comfortable and proceeding with his absolute steady and gifted medical expertise, my aunt felt so relieved and confident during and after the procedure.

Dealing with his devoted staff that assists Dr. Edelman with his patients is simply a delight. Not only does Dr. Edelman demonstrate the utmost respect and professionalism with his patients, so do all of his employees. Each employee makes you feel comfortable and takes time to answer any and all questions immediately. I enjoy dealing with such a cheerful and responsive staff.

I have worked as a nurse within the health care profession for over 30 years. With no hesitation, I recommend Dr. Edelman as a highly skilled and professional ophthalmologist within our Castro Valley community.”

Very sincerely,


“I met Dr. Edelman in an emergency situation, which he resolved beautifully. I have been having eye problems since childhood and have seen a lot of ophthalmologists along the way.  Dr. Edelman is by far the most knowledgeable, skillful and thorough.”