Low Vision

Low Vision is a term that is used whenever a person does not have good vision in both eyes. There are many causes of low vision. A common cause is macular degeneration, but other diseases such as glaucoma, optic nerve diseases, retinitis pigmentosa, and stroke can result in low vision.

Depending upon the cause of the low vision, assistance may be available. Low vision aides help to magnify images to help improve visual function. Large print books, audio books, closed circuit television and computer and tablet screens that enlarge print are available. Occupational therapy, especially for those who have visual field loss, may also be helpful.

To find out more about low vision, click here : http://www.geteyesmart.org/eyesmart/diseases/low-vision.cfm

Prevent Blindness Northern California has been a valuable resource for those who have low vision and other vision problems. To go to the Prevent Blindness Northern California website, click here: http://northerncalifornia.preventblindness.org/